Version 1.4.1 (iOS)

What’s New

  • ✅ Public, shareable packlists

Version 1.4.0 (iOS)

What’s New

  • ✅ All new sync engine and database
  • ✅ Sign in with Apple ID

Version 1.3.4 (iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes a potential issue that could a occur when deleting pack items

Version 1.3.2 (iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Replaces a missing translation key

Version 1.3.1 (iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes unclear copy in app and adds German localisation.

Version 1.3 (iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes an issue that could occur when an iCloud drive was full

Version 1.1 (iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes an issue with pack item deletions

Version 1 (iOS)

What’s New

  • Initial App Store release for iOS

Version 1.0beta41

What’s New

  • 💅 Weight types and categories are now color coded.
  • 💅 I designed a simple new app icon as I can’t use the emoji rat anymore.
  • 💅 A new Weight graph overview, I’ve wanted to work on this for a while and played around with a few ideas.

Version 1.0beta38

What’s New

  • ✅ Packlist detail displays descriptions
  • ✅ Packlist detail groups by categories if set.

Version 1.0beta37

What’s New

  • 🐛 Bugfixes for weight totals (these sometimes didn’t respect quantities)
  • 💅 Styling fixes

Version 1.0beta34

What’s New

  • ✅ The UX for selecting an existing item to add to a packlist is changed and works closer to how the categories work. This was some feedback I received from a few people and also something that was annoying me personally when using the app. I’d love some feedback on this whole workflow and if people are still having issues with it.
  • ✅ A lot of small stying details related to showing and hiding unnecissary information, for instance useless “0.0” weight labels will no longer show up cluttering items.
  • ✅ Better spacing between packlist add and settings button, I was often accidently triggering this.
  • ✅ Fixes some areas where the typeface was missing.

Version 1.0beta33

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes a memory leak
  • 🐛 Fixes some styling issues

Version 1.0beta30

Hotfix for data bug

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes a bug where after uninstalling and reinstalling your items wouldn’t show up.

Version 1.0beta28

Thanks to everyone who signed up recently and started following the subreddit, I got a lot more interest and feedback than expected. This beta release centers around one main feature which is the addition of categories to the create/edit item form inside packlists. Previously categories existed in the data model and would be populated from lighterpack but could not be added manually. This is now possible. There is also quite a few bugfixes included as well as some work to improve the design a bit more.

What’s New

  • ✅ Create new categories and add categories to pack list items.
  • ✅ Adds a close button to the new pack list form, a few of you said it wasn’t clear you could close that modal.
  • ✅ Clearer and improved design

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes a bug that meant weight unit settings were not saving on pack list items.
  • 🐛 Fixes a bug that made it difficult to dismiss the keyboard in forms.
  • 🐛 Fixes a visual bug where the consumable label was cutoff.
  • 🐛 Fixes a bug where category overviews in pack lists did not update correctly.

Version 1.0beta22

Adds the ability to display your pack lists in alternative weights.

What’s New

  • ✅ Display your pack list subtotals and totals in a weight unit other than your global weight unit setting.

Version 1.0beta21

Bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes an issue that displayed pack lists totals in the overview all as total weight.

Version 1.0beta20

Hotfix for broken deletion of items in your packlists

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixes bug that prevented pack list items from being deleted from pack lists

Version 1.0beta19

A few changs to packlists and some bug fixes

What’s New

  • ✅ Packlist edting improvements, edit packlist name and descriptions
  • ✅ Better packlist overview in pack list screen
  • ✅ Improvements to model and versioning

Version 1.0beta18

No new features just adding crash and bug reporting and fixing some existing issues.

What’s New

  • ✅ Detail Sentry reporting for any crashes or issues.

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug were unit converstions on imported packlists could go wrong and cause a crash.

Version 1.0beta16

Thanks for the crash reports 😬 and feedback. A few updates:

What’s New

  • 💅 Improved design and UX for unit picker

  • ✅ Search and add existing pack items to a packlist directly in the add/edit item form (iOS)
  • ✅ Pack Detail screen (Android)

  • 🛠 Refactored and ported duplicated logic to the shared library(iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug were unit picker was not updating / was disabled.

Version 1.0beta15

I’ve released a new testflight build that includes the new shared library for iOS and Android which means Android will soon be properly underway. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback during the last test flight beta. Please be aware that I have migrated to shared data storage, this means beta users will lose data on this update. In the future I will handle these changes better with migrations but given the earliness of the project I didn’t focus on this. Heres an overview of updates made, most of these came from test flight users.

What’s New

  • 💅 All new design and UX

  • ✅ Packlists can now also have a weight type, independant of item and global weight types.
  • ✅ Packlists are no longer sorted alphabetically but in order added and will be divided into categories
  • ✅ Improved interface for creating new items
  • ✅ Improved interface for creating new lists
  • ✅ Starred items sit at the top of your lists
  • ✅ Added more packlist information in packlist overview
  • ✅ Edit items by tapping on them rather than tap and hold

  • 🛠 Finished unified code library for platform independance

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where “Save and Add Another Item” was not completely clearing the form